Meet DJ

Dheeraj is a product of multiple schools and continents who began calling the greater Manassas area home in the mid-1990s.  Prior to moving to the City of Manassas in the early 2000s, Dheeraj had attended and graduated from Unity Reed High School before getting his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the College of William and Mary.  As a fourth-generation college attendee, Dheeraj understood the importance of education early on in life.  He was also fortunate enough to have the necessary supports that enabled him to pursue higher education in multiple fields.  As a product of Virginia public schools, an educator, and the parent of a student in Manassas City Public Schools, Dheeraj understands the power of education to uplift us all.  He is a strong supporter of our public schools and understands the importance of ensuring that our schools are funded at appropriate levels even when the Commonwealth pushes unfunded mandates on our communities.

A strong community can foster a strong business environment and that is vital to the economic development of our city.  Dheeraj is a strong supporter of our local businesses.  In addition to providing vital services, local businesses also provide job opportunities for our residents, especially our youth.  Dheeraj believes that these job opportunities are vital to enhancing employable skills and making our residents even more attractive in the job market.

As a long-time resident of Manassas who has seen booms and busts in the local housing market, Dheeraj understands the importance of housing affordability.  He wants to ensure that our residents on fixed income can continue living in the City of Manassas.  To that end, Dheeraj will lean on his experience from serving on the Planning Commission to pursue innovative market-oriented solutions by working with stakeholders across the board.

Dheeraj will work tirelessly to advocate on behalf of Manassas City and ensure that all our voices are brought to the table.  He understands the importance of community, having a strong base for economic development, and a school system that addresses the needs of students and their families.